Monday, June 3, 2013

2 weeks down, 9 to go.

Today was great! Unfortunately over the weekend, WWT's location in Illinois got some storm damage. I was chosen to go over there today and help them get running again with their computers and such. I woke up early after a horrible sleep and got to work about 6:45. A normal teenager would complain about that, but for me, it kind of felt like I was a real adult. (I know I'm a real adult, but in a working sense :] ) I rode over to the LTC with four of our full time employees. As soon as we got there, we set ourselves up in a conference room and got to work.

There was one part of the building that sustained the most damage. There were several laptops, printers, and other items that were water damaged. It was our job to swap out equipment so that the location could continue to work productively again. It was really cool to see people come together, even if we're all employed together, but I guess storms evoke the caring in peoples' souls. Haha. I swapped out some hard drives and updated equipment in WWT's inventory system. I also set up a printer, not interesting, but I know how to get a printer to recognize an IP address. So I'm proud of that. We were catered a fantastic lunch and then went on our way back to Missouri after delivering some equipment to another building.

There was some massive traffic on I-270 across the Mississippi River. It was nice to get to know some of the full time employees. After we returned, Jeff (a fellow intern) and I went on a Red Bull run. Those are always fun. :) The rest of the day was pretty similar to the rest, but Jeff, Keith, and I have a good time in our small little lab. I promise I'll get pictures up soon!

In other news,
I'm taking some online classes to make up for my lousy semester. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I also fixed my own car problem today! My "door ajar" sensor broke, and I got to hear that annoying little ding wherever I drove today. >.< I redneck'ed it and glued it back together until I can get it fixed permanently. I'm sure I looked stupid sitting on the ground in the Walmart parking lot fixing my sensor, but whatever.

Today was a great 10 hour work day. I'm going to love this paycheck! :)
Oh, and have I mentioned I LOVE MY JOB?!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The days have been blurring together...

I can't believe that I've already finished my second week at WWT. I love this job so much and I couldn't imagine a better way to spend my summer. I'm learning so much. Last weekend, I went to Milwaukee to spend some time with my dad and step mom. I don't get to see them nearly enough and I'm thankful to have been able to spend time with them. Dad made ribs and we bonded over making potato salad. I'm bummed I couldn't do stuff like that before now, but I'm happy for our time, nonetheless. Last week at work was pretty the same.A lot of packing things and shipping. A bunch of troubleshooting. I love the people I work with though. Last Wednesday, I was chosen to go to WWT's location in Illinois. I was really excited for that opportunity. I went there with my manager and the person who does inventory for IT. I learned how to swap hard drives and chatted about IT stuff. We took a lot of computers back to our location, and my task for this week is to troubleshoot those. A little repetitive, but it's okay. :)

I went home this weekend. I spent it with Gray and his family. We went to a rock festival near Branson. I had some great BBQ and listened to some awesome music. The greatest part was spending time with Gray. Being apart for so long really makes me appreciate what time we do have together. Gray's parents are so great for letting me crash in their living room. They are honestly some of the most wonderful people I know and I am so thankful for them.

Over the weekend, the STL area got some storms, including our location in IL. I was asked by one of the senior analysts to come into work at 7 to go to IL and help with some hardware stuff on Monday morning (6/2) I am so stoked that they asked me to go. Even if it means getting up at 5:30, haha. I'm trying to do all I can to get my foot in the door. I would love to work at WWT full time after graduation. But that's just a dream for now.

Friday, May 24, 2013

STL- Day 6

Each and every day, I love my job more. Today, they catered breakfast. I'm not a fan of McDonald's breakfast, but it was free. I spent a lot of my morning imaging computers and I sent a few things to TS Dispatch. Not very interesting, I know. I also chatted with Dell customer support to fix some pretty old computers. In my opinion, I wouldn't have messed with them. But I don't call the shots, I'm just an intern. We got to leave early today because of the holiday, so that was nice. I didn't want to spend all weekend in St. Peters without anything to do so I made a bonzai decision to drive to Milwaukee to see my dad. After some pretty heavy traffic in Florissant, I made it to Milwaukee in less than 8 hours. It took me longer than it should have, as I got pretty lost in Rockford. Milwaukee is a bit further than I thought, but it'll be nice to spend the long weekend with my dad. I've got plans to see my childhood best friend and some other people close to me. It'll be a great weekend in the 414/262. Can't wait to unwind from a great first week of work!

Also, to start the weekend, my dad and I are watching a P!nk concert DVD. He is ecstatic to see her live in November.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

STL- Day 5

Gratitude is a big part of my life. I'm thankful that I have a family who loves me and will do anything to help me succeed. I'm thankful for my scholarship through UCM and for my internship here in St. Louis. I think it's weird how things fall into place. Two summers ago, I started working at Wonderland Camp, a camp for people with special needs. At camp, a lot of things about me changed. I learned a lot about what it meant to serve others, and putting others' needs above your own. I also met some people that continue to influence who I am.

I've been under a lot of stress lately, with my living situation. The extended stay was going to be more than I can afford. Last night, as I was going to bed, I saw that I had a message on my hotel phone. I knew it was the front desk calling me about my payments. When I listened to the message, I felt defeated. That might sound dramatic, but it's true. I was all alone, with little money and a lot of worries. I haven't been budgeting correctly for my summer, and that's entirely my fault. And today, when I got home from work, my room key didn't let me in, as the front desk had locked my room. Fortunately, between that phone call last night and my first QT drink of today, I had gotten a text from someone I knew from camp, inviting me to stay for the summer. Colleen is saving my life more than she knows, and I'm so blessed to know her.

While I was trying to check out, the hotel wanted to charge me $86.00 to check out early. Put my aggressive pants on and nicely said that there was no way that was happening.

In other news, I had a lady in St. Peters call the cops on me and yell at me because I cut her off. I am getting used to defensive driving. These St. Louis area drivers aren't as friendly as people back home. :/ I was looking for Colleen's apartment and I was so afraid of getting pulled over after that woman called about me. 

Work was a little different today, so that was nice. I moved a lot of printers, some from 1998. I don't know why a cutting edge company has 15 year old printers. I guess when you spend millions on a new building, you have to cut somewhere. David Steward, the man who funds my scholarship and owns WWT is getting a new office and today I set up his receptionists' equipment. I am getting so excited to meet Mr. Steward, so watch for news on that.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

STL- Day 4

Because of my awesome genes, I FedEx'ed today like a pro. (My dad works for FedEx up in Milwaukee) When we have computers that need repairs beyond our capabilities, we send them to an affiliate in Mesa, AZ. The process that gets these computers there is quite extensive. First, I email the company and give them the computers' information. This includes the product number, the serial number, the make and model and what's wrong with it. After this is finished, I go onto FedEx's website and create a shipping label. Finding a box for the computer to ship in is difficult as well. It needs all this protective padding, and I don't have access to the right sizes, so I kinda just have to squish stuff into tight boxes. My favorite part is using the fancy schmancy tape roller thing. (I'm easily entertained) I did this seventeen times today, and I felt invincible.

I attended another meeting today. This one was on how to use IT software. I like meetings, which probably makes me weird. I also looked into other living arrangements. I am currently staying at an extended stay hotel, and it's just a bit expensive. Please cross your fingers that I find something, or I might just have to eat Ramen for the entirety of my life. And that's a lot of sodium. Haha. I found the water cooler in the office today, so I can't wait for some water cooler banter. I also worked a beast of a copy machine. I felt all businessy and stuff. I earned the title of "girl intern", which isn't that bad. I'm proud to be one of the only girls in the intern program. I'm definitely liking IT. It makes me feel smart, and that's nice to have because accounting and economics don't.

I apologize if this isn't interesting to you, but then again I'm not holding your face to your screen and making you read this.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

STL- Day 3

Though the week isn't over yet, today was my favorite day. It started out pretty similar to how yesterday went, imaging and such. After lunch, I was sent on my first official intern task. One of the full time employees sent us on a Red Bull run. Keith, one of my Brothers and fellow scholarship recipient, and I drove all over Maryland Heights looking for a drinks. We found the Red Bull at the first store we went to, and the Dr. Pepper at the second. We needed to find a special kind of Monster, and that was the difficult part. We probably went to seven different gas stations. We returned about an hour after we left. I was a little worried about getting in trouble for taking so long. A past intern, Colin, felt bad that we went all over for his Monster. We laughed and my fear subsided. It was "intern" work, but I enjoyed it. Is that weird?

After running around for drinks, I volunteered to go with another full time employee, Matt, to go to building 58 to check out some printer problems. (WWT is split between six buildings, 62, 60, 58, 56, 701, and 11911) I wrote down which printers needed to be replaced and was told that tomorrow, I'd get to help on some testing. I also took a small tour of the facilities. The newest building, 701, is so incredibly nice. It's so modern and hi tech. 

David Steward founded WWT, and also is the provider of my scholarship through UCM. He wasn't in the office today, but I was able to see the renovations he's having done. (HE HAS SOME REALLY AWESOME CARPET) I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunities he is providing me with and I'm looking forward to thanking him in person for how he's changed my life. 

In other news, I am about to start some online classes and I got candy at work. I also found out I'm off for Memorial Day and the following Friday. I can then catch up on the all-holy Grey's Anatomy.

Monday, May 20, 2013

STL- Day 2

At the bottom of the corporate ladder sits the intern. Today, I was told that some of my duties would include: taking a corporate car on Red Bull runs, imaging computers, and retrieving things from the dingy warehouse. I started my day in a fancy schmancy conference room. There was breakfast and countless PowerPoint slides of things I don’t exactly remember. I was placed on the IT team and was put to work right away. Each intern gets a company laptop and my first task was to image mine. I didn’t know what that meant at first, and I was a little scared. Basically, it’s wiping the hard drive of all settings and data. While that was happening, I was given an intimidating job. In the corner of this little room, there is a shelf of HP laptops, each with something wrong. Problems I saw today included: bad hard drives, bad motherboards, and broken LCDs. There was nothing we could do about the broken screens, but we ran diagnostic tests on all the others, the ones that would power on at least. I had about four computers that didn’t have any problems. I imaged them and ran through a checklist, getting them ready for redeployment back into the company.

I had to opportunity to sit in on a meeting with the manager of my team. It was interesting to see how they dealt with company problems. It is a really nice work environment, with very friendly people. Whenever there was a question, I wasn’t afraid to ask for help. I am so excited to see how the summer goes. I’m ready to learn valuable skills and also adventuring more of St. Louis. After work, I found a Walmart that was less sketchy than the one I went to before, so that was nice. I made spaghetti for dinner. (I’ve been excited about spaghetti for a whole now, haha.) I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and sit in on some more meetings. And I also got a badge, I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT MY BADGE.